About the Artist

Arundhati Mukhopadhyay   is a self-taught artist who has always been inspired by nature. This is clearly represented in her art and displays that take inspiration from the natural beauty that exists all around us.

Her lucid artistic displays incorporate subtle memories from her upbringing in the holy city of Varanasi – her birthplace where she also spent most of her young adult life. Today, Arundhati draws inspiration from the various cultural sects of Kolkata, West Bengal – a place that she calls ‘home’. 

Arundhati is a Chemistry graduate from the well renowned and reputed Banaras Hindu University (BHU). However, her passion for art made her pursue a journey as an  artist, painter, teacher and also as a boutique owner.  

She chose art as a form of communication to showcase her love for nature through creativity. She believes that art can teach its practitioners patience, positivity and resilience towards developing a positive mental health. 

Arundhati draws inspiration from various local forms of folk art that are practiced throughout India. She believes that this culture of  locally produced art should be revived and showcased to the rest of the world. This allows preserving the diverse range of artistic heritage that hold cultural significance for India.

Today, Arundhati practices multiple forms of artistic practices such as hand painting, block painting, patch works, clay work and even canvas painting. She currently adopts mediums such as acrylic on clothes and canvas, oil paintings, etc.   




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